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Signature Master Plan


Properly plan the deployment of electronic signature applications, ensure compliance with legal requirements and optimize the investment in technology

The digital signature is a tool applicable to multiple applications. Electronic records management, procurement, telematic notifications, electronic records and of course, electronic bill are some prominent examples. Ultimately it is an element that allows implementing business processes without leaving the electronic world, thus achieving significant improvements in business efficiency. The deployment of these applications can be achieved by maintaining a common technological core. That is why when an organization decides to deploy any of them; it should be done from a global perspective, in line with the strategy of the organization. With the objective of responding to this need, Isigma has defined the Master Plan for Signatures.

Audit of certified Scanning Systems


Audit your system for scanning invoices and obtain the approval required by the Tax Office

The order EHA/962/2007 of the AEAT recognizes the possibility that tax obligations can proceed with certified digitization of invoices, substitute documents and any other documents maintained in paper being considered as original. This allows the tax system to dispense with the paper originals that serve as basis. However, any solution that is implemented for this purpose should be approved. To obtain such approval, you need an audit report which can be provided by Isigma.

Legal conformance

Legislación sobre firma digital y factura electrónica

Make sure your electronic signature applications comply with statutory requirements

The law 59/2003 regulating the use of electronic signatures, recapitulated the law 11/2007 (LAECSP) and 56/2007 (LISI) in 2007. The first law (LAECSP) establishes a framework on which the government must develop services to promote e-government, while the second provides a similar framework but for the relation of the private sector aimed at mass consumption and its customers. The sectors concerned are: financial institutions, insurance companies, utility companies, telecommunications operators, supermarkets, travel agencies, passenger transport, online retail companies.

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