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Perfil profesional de los consultores de isigma, especialistas en firma digital

We have professionals available to take on any part of the process of implementing a digital signature project; from initial planning to the audit of systems already in place, including development of the systems themselves.

The experience and professionalism of our people allows us to offer the following services:

  • Audit: Analysis of applications and procedures that are already deployed and presentation of a report proposing the appropriate measures. Our CISA group is a guarantee of quality for the work
  • Consulting: Studies are carried out for a particular project and recommendations are provided in a supplementary report along with presentation to the relevant stakeholders
  • Development: Design and implementation of custom applications, or integration of third-party solutions
  • Project management / technical department: Project management is articulated through coordination of the various providers and / or staff of the organization involved, validating the decisions taken at every stage
  • Education: through our catalogue of courses we offer scheduled or in company trainings.


The major difficulty for digital signature applications lies in the fact that the implementation must ensure compliance with legal requirements. At Isigma, we not only possess technical and legal knowledge to do so, but also have the experience and methodology necessary for the implementation of projects of information systems audit. As a distinguishing feature in such type of projects, we ensure that resource assigned to the audit projects is accredited as a CISA.


The definition of any new system revolves around three dimensions: the regulatory environment, related technologies and business requirements. Control over all the nuances that may occur in any of the three aspects is essential to assure that the chosen approach is the best possible. When it comes to digital signature systems, taking advantage of our accumulated experience can help you optimize the required effort on due diligence and minimize the risk while taking decisions. We present our consultancy service through reports that reflect our findings from highly focused and detailed studies. Typical examples are:

  • Analysis of the processes more sensitive to the introduction of digital signatures
  • Economic impact of the implementation of digital signatures in your organization


We create custom software components, and integrate them into your information systems, to deliver to you practical applications of our knowledge.

Guaranteed quality of development work by collaborating exclusively with analysts, developers of proven experience.

Some typical applications are:

  • Systems to issue, receive and store invoices in electronic format
  • Workflows basados en firma electrónica
  • Integration with office systems, ERP or CRM enterprise as well as with document management systems.

Project management

To ensure adequate oversight and complete documentation and quality, we rely on contrasting methodologies, including that required for the management of ICT projects of the Government: ESPRIT, based on Six Sigma.

Due to our ability to interpret and document requirements and our experience in government projects, we are most fit for:

  • Drafting of technical specifications for public tenders
  • Specification of standards and procedures


Our technical and business education and our professional experience allows us to offer courses and seminars, organized at your premises, ranging from technical levels to the vision of these solutions as sources of competitive advantage, not excluding the applicable law in each case.

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