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Electronic record for compliance with spanish Law 11/2007

Begin to meet stringent requirements of the Law 11/2007

Law 11/2007, or LAECSP, presents major challenges to public authorities in regard to interoperability, security and traceability of services provided to citizens. Thus, the law requires the establishment of an electronic site for the provision of services; these services in turn generate electronic records that must be protected, among others, from any attempt of manipulation. Finally, all the digitized data must be processed for any future use. Kinamik Secure Audit Vault assists the Public Administration to meet these needs of interoperability, security and traceability.

Processing electronic files

Tramitación de expedientes electrónicos

Electronic signatures will facilitate the processing and record multiple files

A file brings together many documents that are related to the same subject. To facilitate archival and management of these documents, the general trend is to process these documents in digital format. In many cases, the handwritten signatures of the persons involved are the only impediment in the scan. Therefore, integration of digital signatures is basic to any system of digital records management. The digital signature platform, ISM, serve exactly this purpose.