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Have an edge over your competitors by offering your customers digital signatures

PortaSigma is a web application designed to provide your customers with a digital certificate based system of signing documents. You just have to register and try it for free. Upload a PDF document, and decide who wants to sign it. Provide electronic IDs and email addresses of the signatories. Because of digital certificate authentication, they will be able to access the document without having to login in to Portasigma.

PortaSigma main features:

  • You can upload any document in PDF format, and share it with your signatories
  • Once inside their personal signature environment, they will be able to easily review the document and decide weather to sign it or not
  • The documents will remain filed in PortaSigma, accessible only to the issuer and the signatories
  • Documents can be downloaded at any time by the persons involved in the process of signing
  • Signatories just need a qualified digital certificate to sign the document