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iHand, legally enforcable digital signature on tablet

Digital signature on tablet


This system allows digital document signature, using a signature capture device. It's technology, allows the enforcement of the captured signatures, with the same legal value as if signatures were handwritten on paper.

Getting signatures with iHand, you will not need to store documents in paper because of the signature any more. This will save you lot of money.

Technology and legal enforcement

To meet the legal requirements, iHand combines biometric with PKI, which is the technology to provide digital certificates. This will allow any expert to check its validity. .


The Kiosk includes:

  • A tablet to allow a correct document visualization
  • The signature capture device
  • A smartcard reader, to use if signers are prepared to sign with a digital certificate
  • Optionally a fingerprint reader, for additional security

The system is compatible with compact portable devices which include all the peripherals.


The signature kiosk connects to our server, where the certification of the biometric data is done, and the PDF document is signed. This is the key for legal enforcement, operating as a trustable third party. .

A simple API allows integration with the ERP or documental management system where documents are produced.