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iSigma assists in the dissemination of services for the Spanish National ID

We belong to the group of 16 companies chosen to boost the use of DNI-e

Companies have been selected by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade, through

The list of companies consist of financial services firms and / or insurance (Santander, Bankia, Cajamar, Box3, ING Direct, and Sanitas Mapfre), Supply Services and Communications (Iberdrola, Repsol, Telefonica and Vodafone) and service organizations of other sectors (Association of Aeronautical Engineers of Spain, Metaposta, Twindocs and iSigma).

isigma contribution

isigma is been offering practical applications for citezens and companies, to secure websites, or sign documents remotely, keeping th elegal value, thanks to the benefits of Spanish National ID. To facilitate access to users, we always offer free use plans of all these applications.

The goal

Through these applications is intended to draw the interest of citizens and businesses, so that the Spanish National electronic ID will become a tool which, behalf security, might improve people's life quality.

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